We offer a design consultant service. Please see some examples below.
Sara's Mood Board 3

As for the large open space under the window, it was decided that a piece of furniture fit for seating was to take centre pride here. However, due to the height and length of the window, no ordinary piece of furniture would be suitable. Thus, derived by inspiration from the images above, we have started the process of hand-making a personalised, bespoke piece of furniture. Not only will it be designed so that one can sit/ lay across the top to enjoy the views out the window, but it shall also contain a suitable space for storage. Featuring at one end of the seating will be a simple yet beautiful lamp while at the other end, small and smart shelving.

Sara's Mood Board 2

Due to the size of the kitchen, only the sink will be placed on the main counter surface – enhancing this feeling of a simple yet elegant space. Thus, featuring in the centre of the breakfast bar will be a two ring glass hob. Not only does this create a great space for entertaining guests around but provides a much larger surface area for purposes such as meal preparation. This breakfast bar will be large enough to seat 4 people as well as providing an area for storage. Suspended from the ceiling will be a hood extractor fan. Commonly, these can be large and unattractive thus we have taken the time to research bespoke hoods that would be perfect for this kitchen.

Sara's mood board 1

There were three stages involved which led to the production of these design ideas. Firstly, multiple stores were visited whereby we took our time viewing various kitchen ranges to gather initial thoughts. It was upon these visits that catalogues were collected and each one was examined and tagged, further enhancing our understanding and vision for the kitchen. Once we knew what style to choose, design plans were carefully drawn up to scale to provide a 3D visual of what the final design will look like. Mood boards were also created so that all angles of the design could be incorporated into a single display, enhancing one’s ability to imagine a complete kitchen. As the images reveal, we have favoured having all appliances integrated. Not only does this create the feeling of space and continuity but it offers a sleek and unobtrusive look.